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Welcome to Clarke Cumberland Counseling!

Hello, my name is Beth Clarke and I am a seasoned licensed therapist with a private practice in Portland, Maine. I have been working as a social work clinician for 23 years and I specialize in relationship challenges exploring compassionate communication and enhancing self care.  I help with mild to chronic mental health issues with a focus on symptom reduction and refining coping tools to improve one's quality of life.  Additionally, I assist all ages through life transitions including school, work, health, aging and more, exploring feelings and revealing strengths to move more easily through changes.

I am committed to understanding your needs, wants and goals offering a deep trusting and supportive environment.  Perhaps healing relationships is important so caring for others is  joyful and less stressful. There may be a desire to rid fears that "hold us down," until we uncover significant life lessons to build on.  Sometimes a priority is to exchange doubt and guilt for self acceptance or to recover from a significant loss. Whatever your needs are, I am here to assist with unconditional regard. Life moves forward, whether we try to halt it or not and peace awaits abound for us all!

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Call Beth at 207-274-3928 or Email:

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