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What Is My "General Philosophy?"

You know the saying: "No man is an island"....I​​ have always been interested in the systems approach to clinical work and I believe strongly that the sum is greater than the parts. What this means to me is that we are all connected and affected by our partners, nuclear family, extended family, friends, coworkers and community at large, even though at times we can feel alone or even uninspired by what surrounds us. However, I believe we want love and support throughout our life journey.  Over the past 23 years as a therapist, I have seen when we explore our own needs and wants and strengthen our "healthy spheres” (i.e. partnerships, family bonds, friendships)  it allows for greater healing and  joy in life.  And so,  to know who we are and what we want allows us to create more than an island, but rather a continent rich in love!


* * *MY BACKGROUND * * *

City University of NY at Hunter College

Bachelor of Arts Degree; Psychology

Fordham University School of Social Service

Licensed Masters in Clinical Social Work Degree - (I am licensed in NY and Maine)

Ackerman Institute for the Family

Post Masters Certification in Divorce Mediation

Boston University School of Social Work Center for Aging and Disability Education and Research

Post Masters Certification in Care Management

International Employee Assistance Professionals Association

Employee Assistance Specialist-Clinical (EAS-C) Certification

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy-Professional Membership

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